Financial Inclusion

“As countries around the globe develop, their macro-economic
indicators strengthen, infrastructure gets built and business
opportunities are created, basic

financial services and

electronic payment

facilities become a key element
in securing sustainable economic development.”

High demand for financial services from the “underserved and under-banked” populations
in Latin America, has created the need for Payment Facilitators capable of developing and delivering
financial services to millions of consumers and merchants alike.

For small and medium size merchants to share on the benefits of Financial Inclusion Initiatives taking hold
in communities worldwide, efficient and affordable electronic payment solutions must be available to them.

All over the world, traditional financial institutions and niche players, such as Micro-Financial Institutions
need basic payment infrastructure and well structured retail-merchant networks to reach
the underserved segments of the population.

Advances in payment processing technologies, efficient delivery methods for financial services,
plus knowledgeable and established merchant network operators, like B-Quantum,
are paving the way for the a "new payment paradigm.”